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Teeth Cleaning Treatment

No anesthetic needed as it is a gentle procedure

No scrubbing, pain or vibration.

Visible differences after one visit (click to see!)


Dentals take place at: 

Sussex - Ashenground Community Centre, Haywards Heath.

Devon - The Vision Community Centre, Ilfracombe.

Many Community Centres around the South of the UK.

If you have a group who would like to book, please contact me. 

Home visits are available by arrangement.

An ultrasonic toothbrush that makes no sound or vibration.

Image by Jamie Street

Your dog's dental health

By the age of 3 years, 80% of dogs will have some level of dental disease.
Periodontal disease can lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation, red gums, bleeding) and periodontitis (break down of jaw bone and soft tissue).

If you notice:

  • Build up of tartar.

  • Swollen gums.

  • Bright red, dusky red or purplish gums.

  • Gums that are painful when touched.

  • Gums that bleed easily.

  • Bad breath.

It's time for a dental!

Before & after

How does it work?

This is a non invasive, silent, non vibrating treatment that cleans up to 12mm deep into the tooth and gum pockets, which is a gentle, yet very effective way to get your dog's teeth clean, healthy and white.

✅No pain, no vibration, no sound.
✅Takes 45 min to 1 hour. 
✅No sedation or anaesthesia needed.
✅You leave your dog with me.
✅Dogs can lie down, sit or stand throughout.

​✅Normally only 1 session is needed for a complete clean.

The Process:
🦷When you bring your dog in, I take time to let the dog settle, then we can then go ahead and both you, the owner, and myself will have a close look at the teeth and I will asses what will need to be done, which we will both agree on.
🦷Images will be taken of your dog's teeth.
🦷You will be asked to leave your dog with me for the duration and wait for the images to come through on your phone.  
🦷Using the Emmi-pet, I go around the mouth, working on each tooth slowly until all the teeth have been treated.  Once this is done, I use a plaque removal tool to flick off as much plaque and tartar as possible.  If there is any left, I repeat the process.
🦷After the session, advice is given to help keep teeth and gums in good health.
🦷Please remember, your dog will behave totally differently for me than they do for you, the person who they are so attached to!  So, if you have had little success at home brushing their teeth or even looking in their mouth, this is unlikely to be how they behave at these sessions.

More about the Emmi-Pet Treatment:

The ultrasound is generated by a microchip in the toothbrush head and transmitted via each bristle directly into the specially formulated toothpaste.  The ultrasound generates thousands of micro-bubbles and these bubbles implode with the ultrasonic vibrations.  


  • The ultrasound toothbrush is a fast and efficient tool for producing excellent results.

  • Tooth cleaning and tartar removal without the risk or expense of an anaesthetic.

  • We offer this service as it is sympathetic to any dog with sensitive teeth and gums.  There is no vibration or noise.

  • Because it cleans up to 12mm deep, it can reach places where bristles do not have any effect.  

  • Teeth cleaning this way will automatically improve blood circulation and lymph flow.

  • The antibacterial effect eliminates pathogenic bacteria on the teeth, gums and especially in the gum pockets.

  • You will notice a significant reduction of bad breath.

  • There are no harmful side effects.

Please note:  This is not a veterinary procedure. Teeth cleaning is not a substitute for veterinary treatment where the dog requires dental work beyond cleaning.  No x-rays are taken.

To see more dentals , check out our Facebook page: 

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£60 (2023)

To book send us an email:

or WhatsApp Amanda on 07900 492 529

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