We understand that, despite great efforts by owners, dogs can become matted!


Many dogs are particularly prone to matting.  Others are too playful or too difficult for owners to comb out.  All poodle mixes have a tendency to matt if not combed on a daily basis.  Other reasons for matting is the dog getting wet and muddy, change of coat from puppy to adult and the coat getting long.

We always abide by the Animal Welfare Act (2006) when deciding on the best action to take and always with dense matting, clipping off is the kindest option.  When clipping the coat, we bath, put conditioner on the dog and clip when wet.  This allows the clipper blade to get under the matts.  The normal blade length is 7f (used for terrier clips).  A shorter blade such as a 10 is used in difficult areas and when the matts are so felted to the skin there is no alternative but to go even shorter.  However, this is only for those specific areas, not the whole coat.  (For comparison, the vet uses a 30 or 40 blade!).

Removal of matting may reveal skin irritations where the hair has twisted and felted to the skin.  These red marks almost always disappear after a few days, so don't worry. Clipping has the possibility of causing minor irritation to the skin, cuts and grazes.  ALL CARE AND ATTENTION is given during the clipping process, however, these are normal problems when taking a blade so close to really tender skin, especially in areas such as armpits, tummies, necks, etc.

Ears are especially problematic as often the matts have constricted the blood flow to the end of the ears.  When clipped off, blood will return causing pins and needles.  Often the dog will shake it's head due to this sensation and cause blood vessels to burst.  This is normally seen as red blood spots on the ends of the ears.  However, this tends to heal up quite quickly.


I am completely aware matting can occur even with the best intentions from the owner!  It is imperative if you think your dog has any matting, to let me know.  You will need to sign a matting disclaimer, which is completely standard for all established groomers.  We will discuss the options available and I can update you as I go along with the grooming process.  

If I find there are matts on a dog where the owner is unaware of the matting, I will inform you via text, etc.  If you require photos at the time, please let me know.  I never proceed until I have your clear instructions to go ahead to clip.  This may be a partial clip off or a full body clip. 


Matting charge:  £10


It is far kinder to clip your dog off when it has warm water and conditioner on it's coat. This enables the hair to stretch and is much gentler on the skin, hopefully avoiding any clipper rash. However, this has a negative effect on the clipper blades which will need servicing and cannot be used again until this is done.

Extra time: £5 per 15 min

Normally I can get the clip off done in the booked groom slot.  However, if puppies come in and have only 1hr booked, this means extra time will have to be made for those pups.  This is also the case for those dogs coming in for a 'spruce up'.  This extra charge is not only for that extra time taken, but also because inevitably I will have to contact all remaining owners/dogs on that day to move them forwards.

Matting does happen!  Please don't attempt to remove it at home as this is when injuries can happen, just bring your dog in and I will get it sorted for you!

And remember:


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