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Tropical Leaves

Luxury Spa Service

Beautiful salon-professional products that will leave your dog nourished, rejuvenated and smelling fantastic, nose to toes! Just ask and we can advise on the best product for your dog's coat.

Raining Lemons

Zesty & refreshing lemon-scented shampoo

Fruity Dragon

Deep and delicious dragon fruit, guava & mangosteen 

Blueberry Bloom

Blue, blue, blueberries

shampoo & conditioner

Ocean Minerals

Delicious coconut & dead sea minerals

Nose 2 Toes Dog Grooming B2.jpg

Banana Rush

Banana-scented shampoo and body spray

Night cap

Relaxing lavender & honey shampoo

Bonfire Night

Sweet marshmallow shampoo & body spray

Argan Oil Deluxe

Deeply nourishing argan oil  conditioner

Tropical Leaves
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