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Tropical Leaves

Luxury Spa Extras

Beautiful salon-professional products that will leave your dog nourished, rejuvenated and smelling fantastic, nose to toes! For as little £3 you can add any of these to any groom with a wash and dry.

Our Extras

Raining Lemons

Zesty & refreshing lemon-scented shampoo

Fruity Dragon

Deep and delicious dragon fruit, guava & mangosteen 

Blueberry Bloom

Blue, blue, blueberries

shampoo & conditioner

Ocean Minerals

Delicious coconut & dead sea minerals

Chocolate Tiger

Sweet chocolate and tangy orange body spray

Ice Queen

Whiter than white coats

Coconut confetti

Shampoo & body spray with sweet coconut with subtle hints of papaya

Let's Berry

Cherry & blackberry medley shampoo & conditioner

Banana Rush

Banana-scented shampoo and body spray

Night cap

Relaxing lavender & honey shampoo

Bonfire Night

Sweet marshmallow shampoo & body spray

Argan Oil Deluxe

Deeply nourishing argan oil  conditioner

Tropical Leaves
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